Look at these “assemblies”!

In the center is our recent mock-up for our friends at Enclos, as it was hoisted sixty (60) feet aloft, so the ‘design team’ could get a bird’s eye view of how it will look on the actual building from the ground. On either side are two of our aluminum assemblies installed to join the glass frame to the steel superucture.

Isn’t there a difference between shop labor cost and field labor cost? How long does it take to assemble critical items at the job site? How many times have you lost parts in doing so? How many? A better question—how many times have you been short “just 2 “ of the custom-fitted-washers, three of the cut steel rods, or even just one of the inserts??? How long was the job delayed? At what cost? How much more does it really cost to assemble these AT the job site, rather than have the one-hundred needed at each floor delivered ONLY to that floor and in its own, separate, marked crate? Maybe even each of them is embossed with its exact, unique ID number too!

SO----what’s the SOLUTION?

Answer: METFAB METALS' new (for 2008) off-site assembly services!

METFAB METALS has the personnel and equipment---and experience---to bring creative solutions to many such ‘site’ assembly issues and to prevent lost parts from going on your daily ‘headache list’! We daily fabricate all the constituent parts, pack them and ship them to our customers. Now we want to solve in advance problems that often arise after our parts (and even those of others) get to your jobsite----in the following logical steps!

I  ---------
III --------
III --------
IV --------
V ---------

Timed Shipments

Isn’t it just cheaper, safer and more predictable to do all these things before your
jobsite becomes the site of parts’ confusion, instead of parts’ installation?


[I] Fabrication ------------- This IS our core business. Just look throughout our website and/or brochure. We have hundreds of thousands of tons of successful production and custom parts in many, many projects that show we can fulfill all your needs in this step of your job. All custom Finishes and Painting are available too.

[Since 2006, we have penetrated the glass and aluminum markets in a significant way. Our skilled metalsmiths now can fashion aluminum with the same degree of expertise as we have done for decades with steel and stainless steel---as well as other heavier metals. We now supply some of the largest glazing contractors in the world with BOTH their required steel and aluminum parts and structures. For a short overview of this, look at the “Glazed Curtainwall” page of this website (under “Products”), as well as several of the monthly newsletters we post and archive here (especially see our Verizon glass project reported and pictured in the February, 2007 newsletter); the project at 51 Louisiana Avenue in Washington, DC, illustrated in our December, 2007 newsletter and; the Constitutional Center also there in the nation’s capital and shown in our February, 2008 newsletter.]

[II] Assembly --------- We already read your drawings every day. Doesn’t it follow that we can take all our fabricated parts and put them together as drawn, before packing them? And we also can collect, even pick up and/or receive the parts supplied by others and add them into these unique assemblies, again before packing. All the while our experienced assemblers really are ‘inspectors’ picking up/correcting the small (or large) discrepancies in the pre-construction drawings. That alone has a real value, and can be a real savings for you too.

[III] Marking ------------- What good are custom assemblies, if your guys don’t know where they go? Think about that! AND think about this also! When we get your fabrication plans/specs, we also get the parts locations, as well. SO-O-O-----we can simultaneously mark each part----emboss it, if necessary----so that your on-site workers have only to read the crate already placed at the appropriate floor and then install it exactly where it was fabricated to fit! I’ll bet you can recall where parts were installed in totally wrong places, leading to their removal and RE-installation at another place with all the consequent time loss and $$$$$$ losses!

[IV] Crating --------- Again obviously, we have done this for UN-assembled parts from time out of mind. We use all the modern methods of packaging, packing, crating, palletizing, securing and otherwise safely delivering both your small and large orders. Try us-----you’ll see right away that we know how to do all of this well; we can even address any particular needs you may have. Then you can reach into our crate or barrel or pallet and pull out not random parts that can get thrown about, lost or mis-installed, but marked, assembled parts!

[V] Timed Deliveries ---------- Our in-house truckmen---Stockman Logistix, LLC----provide us daily with a fleet of four (4) dedicated trucks for immediate LTL deliveries within a 500 mile radius of our North Jersey shop. We also have the capacity to deliver by common carrier, FedEx, UPS, trailer or boom truck, according to your job’s specific needs and delivery site logistics. We can TIME (stagger) these deliveries so that you get only what you need immediately and your limited work-site is not wasted on storage and/or cluttered with parts to be lost, stolen or mis-used! More $$$$ to your bottom line for your job!

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