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“Evolution of an Old-Fashioned Machine Shop”
1947 to 2018 & beyond

Metfab Metals., LLC is a full-service metal fabricator, with special emphasis on AESS steel. Our roots are in all aspects of the metal fabricating business dating back to the establishment of our first family tool & die shop in 1947! The Murray family has been involved in this business now for over SEVENTY years.

As of October, 2015, we have been recognized and approved by the State of New Jersey as a Small Business Enterprise, pursuant to N.J.A.C. 17:13 & 17:14. As many public contracts have “set asides” for such statutorily-recognized small businesses, we can help you fulfill such provisions on your projects. Our Certification Number is: A-0035-58 which can be verified with NJ’s Department of the Treasury, Division of Revenue & Enterprise Services.

The maternal grandfather of our CEO/COO, Jim Murray, was Raffaele “Pop” DeSimone, an Italian immigrant who brought with him the skills & insights of a tool & die maker. What he gave to his first shop was the energy and commitment to make whatever a customer asked of him. What he left as a legacy was the pride of always doing a first-class job. His great-grandson, Chris DeSimone, now oversees our entire estimating department as well as a good part of our project planning. Jim also learned the basics of tool & die work in his grandfather’s simple shop and applies this craft even today.

See more in the various pages of this updated website. Learn how we have embraced new technologies; gained over two decades of AESS expertise; implemented plasma cutting; added CNC machines; produced assemblies for solar panels; replaced old ironworkers, brakes and shears with new higher capacity models; implemented cutting edge technology, and so much more. We provide project consulting and practical up-front planning beyond the given specs of project drawings. 

This website is constantly updated to provide more detail on our broad competence and experience in all aspects of metal fabricating. Our Newsletters are posted online regularly and are sent to many customers by email. (Join on our e-mailing list below).

Call our CEO/COO, Jim Murray, directly at 973-675-7676. He’s literally always available to you. When you are next in the New York City metro area, come visit our facilities & see first-hand all we do and all we can do.

Since a complete re-organization of a former steel business and the launch of the entirely new Metfab Metals.,LLC several years ago, we use only up-to-date metal fabrication techniques and deal in all modern metals, also supplying outsourced, associated products. We have added facilities; streamlined production and introduced new and further capabilities to turn out ever-better finished products. And ever more early deliveries! “We always deliver on time.” This is how in recent years we have grown our business base so much-----------and, apparently, your confidence in us. We listen and work hard to understand what is important to you, our customers. To us, high quality products and on-time delivery are equally important things. Reliability is our hallmark.


Metfab Metals.,LLC has two major locations: our headquarters located astride I-280 at 560 Freeman Street, Orange, New Jersey 07050 (Essex County) occupying two adjacent and fully-equipped shops with warehousing and staging areas, providing additional outside storage, as well as inventory for your “rush” needs. In 2013, we added a second major shop---basically to accommodate larger AESS jobs---in Bergen County, New Jersey at 16 West Street, Midland Park, NJ 07000, with easy access to the George Washington Bridge, the Garden State Parkway and the New Jersey Turnpike.


“There is no substitute for PERFORMANCE”. If your architect can draw it, we can accurately fabricate it AND deliver it on time.

Since 2005, we have been members of the Glass Association of North America (GANA) in response to the kinds of related building envelope metal work we are doing for and with large commercial glass contractors. With our growing expertise in such evolving technologies as Solarban and the truly synergizing world of “GREEN” and LEED specifications, contractors have been calling upon us to coordinate the fabricated metal needs to fulfill the sealing of modern energy-efficient buildings and other structures. In these new ventures we at Metfab Metals., LLC are again demonstrating our proven ability to make anything your architect can draw! And we supply the techno-legal documents to certify content, source, status, effect and many other details. In 2013, we added further steel expertise by joining the  American Institute of Steel Contracting (AISC).

What separates Metfab Metals., LLC from our competitors is our knowledge of metals plus our commitment to always better fabricate all our many and different standard and custom products-----most often to your unique job specs. We listen and work hard to understand what is important to our customers. To us, high quality products and on-time delivery are equally important things. When we at Metfab Metals.,LLC make a promise, we keep it and will work any day, any hour, any shift to get your needs fulfilled. This company’s reputation and our personal reputations are built on this premise.

This website is intended to provide more detail on our broad competence and experience in the metal fabricating business. We invite you to contact us (see form/info at end of this website) for more information. You can also call directly to our COO, Jim Murray or Chris DeSimone, Chief Estimator/Project Planner, both at 973-675-7676. Or, when you are in the NY metro area, just call and visit our facilities to see first-hand all we do and all we can do for your construction needs.

Metfab Metals., LLC has always had as a guiding principle that:

“There is no substitute for PERFORMANCE.

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