List of SOME Prior AESS Projects

[The TEAM we have assembled for AESS jobs has worked with us many times before, in varying degrees and proportions, as the individual job needs dictated. We have been doing AESS work since 1991 as this list will verify. This document is intended to support any project requirement as to AESS
experience set forth in your project specs.]

LaGuardia Airport, NYC (Queens), NY (2021)
Scope: Starting with Soffit Framing; next phases will include AESS Miscellaneous Fabrications. [After the project delays of the 2020 pandemic, we believe the release of this major job is the just the first of many such delayed projects.]

Hudson Yards-----The “Spiral”, NYC, NY (2021)
Scope: Mullion Reinforcements; Embeds & AESS Glass Steel Frames (“Glass Shoes”)

550 Washington Street, NYC, NY (2020)
Scope: AESS Sub-girt Trusses; Miscellaneous Fabrications. For Google’s new Manhattan Headquarters; Retro conversion of St. John’s Terminal, Market Square

Marriott New World Headquarters, Bethesda, MD (2020)
Scope: AESS Major Mullions; Miscellaneous Fabrications.

BL4 Paseo, Boston, MA (2020)
Scope: AESS Curtainwall Support Steel; Matte black finish for 8’ & 32’ interlocking members for open lobby installation.

One Vanderbilt-----NYC, NY (2019)---- 47' foot long Major AESS Mullions---to enclose the ground floor glass lobby (looking out at historic Grand Central Station)----solved logistical delivery issues also for timed drop off of these oversize, finely finished steel members.

Hudson Yards-----Building Tower “C”, NYC, NY (2017-2018)
Scope: Embeds & AESS Podium Steel System

Hudson Yards-----Building Tower “A”, NYC, NY (2017-2018)
Scope: 68 Floors---Embeds for AESS Steel System

NYU Langone Medical Center—Kimmel Pavilion, NYC, NY (2016-2017)
Scope: AESS Steel Frame System

Alexander Court, Alexandria, VA (2016-2107)----
Scope: Entire Retro Clad System

Capital OneBuilding---Pennsylvania (2016-2017)
Scope: AESS Portal Steel System

56 Leonard Street, NYC, NY (2016)
Scope: Stainless Steel AESS Entrance System

Columbia University, Jerome L Greene Science Center— NYC, NY (2016)
Scope: Curtainwall AESS Steel System

St. Barnabas Hospital, Livingston, NJ (2016)
Scope: Embeds & AESS Podium Steel System

VIA—57 West, NYC, NY (2015)
Scope: Sub-truss AESS Steel System

NMAAHC—National Museum of African American History & Culture (2014-2016)
Scope: Entire Truss AESS Steel System for Façade---Winner of numerous WBC awards

432 Park Avenue, NYC, NY (2015)
Scope: Curtainwall Support Steel---Major AESS Mullions

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)l Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care, Phila, PA (2015)
Scope: Curtainwall Support Steel---Major Mullions---

250 W.55th Street, NYC, NY (2014)
Scope: Exterior AESS Sunshade Fins----every floor

United Nations Plaza, NYC, NY (2014)
Scope: Retro-Clad AESS exterior ---Major Mullions

Fulton Center, NYC, NY (2014)
Scope: Major Mullions---Misc steel--AESS

John Jay College, NYC, NY (2013)
Scope: Podium Steel---Major Mullions—hundreds AESS members

4 World Trade Center, NYC, NY (2012-13)
Scope: Blast-Resistant Category #1 Podium Steel---Major Mullions---“Largest Ever Made” ---506 members
Contractor: Benson Global/Tishman

United Nations Building, NYC, NY (2013)
Scope: Stainless Steel Exterior Mullions---Major Mullions Materials
Contractor: Enclos Corp

One World Trade Center, NYC, NY (2011-12)
Scope: Curtainwall parts & Assemblies; also made stone anchoring systems (all floors)
Contractor: Benson Global/Tishman

51 Louisiana Avenue, Washington, DC (2008)
Scope: Sky Framing System; Massive Frames for Glazing; Innovative Engineering for Enclosing Inter-Building Courtyard
Contractor: Enclos Corp

BWI International Airport, Washington, DC (1998)
Scope: 40,000 structural tubes (millimeter precision) w/ full penetration welds for 200,000 sq ft atrium space frame. ZERO rejections or remediations. Architectural type fabrications as additional components to space frame materials. Miscellaneous machined anchors (stainless steel, aluminum) finished as specified (polished, Tnemec paint or hot dip galvanized). All structural members, re-enforcement metals and skylight connections (such as saddle brackets, wind load anchors, etc.) Over 200,000 lbs. of fabricated “purlin” items (Beam and Channel w/ welded angles and plates, holes, slots, miters, etc.) to accommodate the skylight connections.
Contractor: Harmon Inc./Clark

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Headquarters, Florham Park, NJ (2012)
Scope: AESS Exterior Façade---to Frame Glass Block Wall and Curtainwall Support Steel
Contractor: Benson Global/Turner

Newseum, Washington, DC (2011)
Scope: Polished Stainless Steel Assemblies and Curtainwall Support Steel
Contractor: Enclos Corp/Clark

Barclay Center, Brooklyn, NY (2011)
Scope: AESS Truss Fabrication; Misc Steel painted Components
Contractor: FacadeTech

VCU New Medical School, Richmond, VA (2011)
Scope: AESS Painted Steel Mullions
Contractor: Harmon Inc./Clark

255 W.54th Street Building, NYC, NY (2011)
Scope: AESS materials for 53 Floors---Stainless Steel brake metal Material
Contractor: Enclos

Javits Convention Center, NYC, NY (2010)
Scope: AESS-Fabricated Steel Supports and Anchoring System
Contractor: Enclos/Bovis

American Jewish Heritage Museum, Philadelphia, PA (2010)
Scope: AESS- Exposed Façade Steel Anchoring System
Contractor: J. E. Berkowitz

New York Times Building, NYC, NY (2010)
Scope: AESS-Fabricated and painted “Cafeteria” Steel-----14th Floor-all exposed to frame huge windows
Contractor: Benson Global/Bovis

Madison Square Garden, NYC, NY (2010)
Scope: AESS- Stone Truss System
Contractor: Stone Truss

CitiField, NYC (Queens), NY (2009)
Scope: AESS- Stone Anchoring System
Contractor: Port Morris

BRAC Center, Carroll County, MD (2009)
Scope: AESS Truss System for Window Supports
Contractor: IKON/Clark

Constitution Center, Washington, DC (2008)
Scope: Misc. Heavy Curtainwall Brackets
Contractor: Enclos Corp

New Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NY (2008)
Scope: AESS- Stone Truss System
Contractor: Stone Truss

Center of Morris County, Florham Park, NJ (2007)
Scope: 325 Complete Trusses with all field hardware. Painted and delivered.
Contractor: Stone Truss Systems

15 Central Park West, New York, NY (2007)
Scope: Glass Curtainwall Anchoring System
Contractor: Benson Global

Washington Visitors Center, Washington, DC (2006)
Scope: Custom Stainless Ancho
Lorton Contracting/ Manny Sierra

New York Times Building, New York, NY (2005-2007)
Scope: Custom Fabricates water jet shapes with Acrylic paint.
Work value over $225,000.00

UVA Arena, Richmond, VA (2004-2005)
Scope: Providing Custom Steel Wind bracing.
Work value over $259,000

Borgota Casino Expansion, Atlantic City, NJ (2005-2006)
Scope: Curve Tubes Clad in Stainless for Casino Entrance.
Work value over $ 198,000
APG Glass/ Eric Rosenberg

CIRA Center, Philadelphia, PA (2005-2006)
Scope: Glass Façade AESS Steels Parts
Work value over $175,000

731 Lexington Ave, New York, NY (2005)
Scope: AESS steel parts for Curtainwall; Canopy entrances above the storefront.

Astor Place, New York, NY (2005-2006)
Scope: Provided category 3 architecturally exposed radius tubing. Supplied custom curtainwall anchors.

7 World Trade Center, New York, NY (2005-2006)
Scope: Provided AESS steel truss frames for the interior granite installation. Over 10,000 Stainless Steel Anchors for the granite installation.
Scope: Provided approx. 22,000 black anodized stainless anchors for hand-set stone cladding of this signature building. Anchors are anodized black in order to reduce their visibility in the open joint stone façade. Work value approx $120,000.

Borgata Casino Hotel (Porte Cochere Skylight), Atlantic City, NJ (2002-2003)
(GC Yates / Tishman, Owner Marina District Development Corp., Architect Bower Lewis Thrower (Philadelphia) and Cope Linder Associates (Philadelphia)) (JV)
Scope: Providing tube steel supports for entry drive. HSS steel is hot dip galvanized and subsequently clad with polished stainless sheet to appear as solid structural stainless. Largest members are 65’ curved segments. Work value approx $400,000.

West Perry Condominiums, West & Perry Street, NY, NY (2001-2002)
(Architect Richard Meier & Ptrs, GC: Gotham Const Corp
Scope: Provided significant quantities of AESS curtainwall support steel and custom flashing for this ultra-luxury residential building. Our work included modifications to European hardware to make it work given varying field conditions.

Philadelphia International Airport Terminal 1, Philadelphia, PA (2001)
(Architect Kohn Pederson Fox Associates)
Scope: Provided curtainwall support steel for metal panel cladding of new international arrivals terminal. Work value approx. $450,000.

State Farm Corporate Complex, Morristown, NJ (2000)
(Architect Gerald A. Voermans, GC/ Owner Gale Wentworth Associates)
Scope: Fabricated 400 truss frames (38,000 sq.ft.) for class A office building.

Gannett / USA Today Corp. Headquarters, McLean, VA (2000)
(Architect Kohn Pederson Fox Associates, GC Clark Construction)
Scope: Fabricated / high-performance painted 80 tube steel supports (43-ft x 8” x 20” x ½” thick wall) for long-span curtainwall. Also supplied 90 barrels of connection hardware. Work value approx $450,000.

Schering Plough K-1 Laboratory, Kenilworth, NJ 2000
Scope: Fabricated 95 truss frames (16,000 sq. ft.) under extremely tight deadline for new pharmaceutical laboratory complex. Worked closely with both Metro Framing Systems, Inc. and general contractor Torcon Construction while attempting to salvage building closure date. Work value approx $290,000.

Islip Federal Courthouse, Islip, NY 1999
Turner Construction (Architect Richard Maier, Owner GSA)
Scope: Detailed and fabricated 135 truss frames (22,000 sq. ft.) for wing wall portion of justice complex. We were replacement subcontractor for Metro Framing Systems, Inc. Turner Construction was extremely pleased with the “rescue” by Metfab and we became an approved subcontractor for Turner. Located in Central Islip, adjacent to the existing county courthouse, this federal courthouse takes advantage of panoramic views over both Great South Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Designed in a partnership with Richard Meier & Partners, the 12-story building was placed on a podium to give it a presence on an otherwise flat and undifferentiated exurban site.The north façade is faced with stone and pierced by horizontal windows. This building reinterprets the courthouse type to enable it to function as a new kind of civic institution, receptive to public events as well as to the formalities of the judicial process. The structure, one of the tallest on Long Island, is meticulously organized to accommodate as many proceedings as possible. Measuring in at 870,000 sq. ft., the facility houses 23 separate courtrooms, 24 judges' chambers, a law library, office space for several Federal agencies and a cafeteria

Dulles Airport Project, Chantilly, VA (1998)
Scope: Terminal expansion – provided all miscellaneous fabricated tube steel for roofline facade, as well as parts for metal enclosures, wind screens, and ground screen walls.

Secret Service Building, Washington, DC (1998)
Scope: Miscellaneous steel framing. Tube steel truss frames with various angle and plate cross members.

Basilica National Cathedral, Washington, DC (1998)
Scope: Fabrication of 80’ long / ¾” thick stainless steel sub-structure supporting world-renowned 50 ton hand-carved stone sculpture of religious figurines.

J.P. Getty Center Project, Los Angeles, CA (1997)
(Architect: Richard Maier)
Scope: Various angles and stainless steel anchors required. Various welded anchors. High performance coatings such as Tnemic and Ameron-Amerlock.

Washington National Airport, Washington, DC (1997)
Scope: Miscellaneous skylight metal stripping, window lifting racks and custom frames (made of angles, tubes, plates, etc.) provided.

Church of Latter-Day Saints Cathedral, Caracas, Venezuela (1997)
Scope: Typical stainless steel handset anchors with various hardware items (nuts, bolts, dowels, etc.) provided. Under an extremely tight schedule, Metfab produced nearly 10,000 anchors (welded items included) within six days. Metfab’s first involvement with international trade.

International Monetary Fund, Washington, DC 1997
Enclos Corp
Scope: "Entrance Way" materials. 30'-0" long hot-dipped galvanized framing and approx. 6,000 pcs. of various welded stainless steel clips.

Virginia State Library Project, Richmond, VA (1996)
Scope: Cosmetic Stainless Steel Shapes. Provided approx. 35 pcs. 1/2" thick x 20" wide x 12'-0" long stainless steel custom anchors, welded as required. All Polished to #4 brush finish as required. Also various custom handset anchors.

Chanel, New York City, NY (1995)
Scope: Approx. 20,000 pcs. supplied of various stainless steel welded anchors 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8" thick and all miscellaneous hardware.

Ronald Reagan Building (Federal Triangle Project), Washington, DC 1995
(Designer Pei Cobb Freed & Partners)
Scope: Stainless Steel Plug Anchors (various sizes and designs), approximately 25,000 pcs. supplied. Hot Dipped Galvanized Disc Anchors, approx. 35,000 pcs. Handset Clip Anchors (various angles, plates, tubes, etc. - all shot-blasted and painted per specifications provided), approx. 30,000 pcs. Field Connections: Deadloads with Jack nuts (800 pcs), Landing Seats and Embeds (approx. 20,000 pcs.) and Field Fixes. Erection hardware including picking materials, frames for stone transporting, and more. Over 300 "hot-rush" conditions successfully accommodated. Over the term of the project, our involvement in the many aspects of the job enhanced our capabilities as a complete manufacturing facility and provided us with experience in running tight schedules, accommodating different conditions and applications and tracking procedures.

Foley Federal Square Project, New York City, NY (1994)
Scope: Provided approx. 200 custom steel frames for 80' raised rotunda (upper and lower) and 50,000 miscellaneous stainless steel anchors.

Merck Pharmaceutical, Readington, NJ (1991)
Scope: All miscellaneous steel members and frame components (approx. 200,000 pcs.) All loading and picking platforms for erection. All gutter systems for drainage.