Diversity----That Describes Our Product Line Too!

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10 2016 news 1[Memorial Pool at the New World Trade Center, NYC, NY. We made the steel anchors within to hold this beautiful black granite.] 

No metal fabricator has more expertise and more focused experience than Metfab Metals, LLC on a full spectrum of jobs. Good examples arise out the work we did at the restoration of Ground Zero after the 9/11 debacle. We not only built the VMU for WTC4, we built all the solid steel mullions for that 5-storey aerie or entrance podium. At the same time we were the fabricator that made the (now-concealed) anchors that secured the black granite slabs that form the basin of the Memorial Pools in the footprint of the original towers. [See picture above.] We are truly subscribers to DIVERSITY! In products, employment, jobs, projects, fellow citizens! What is diversity?

Diversity is more than just integration. Diversity is a state of mind. Diversity is more than just enrollment percentages or a welcoming environment. Diversity exists when you go above and beyond being aware of differences or accepting differences to the point of actively including people who are different from you. Diversity is learning from our differences to make the whole community a better place. [Charis Redmond, Univ of Virginia, class of 2017, [http://www.law.virginia.edu/html/news/2016_spr/diversity.htm].

Ms. Redmond above was clearly talking about the scope of students and the effect of their diverse backgrounds on community life in Charlottesville. But, perhaps surprisingly, her words can apply otherwise, even to building great projects and their mundane constituent elements. Let me remind you of what talented, diverse architects are doing to otherwise very practical buildings based upon their own background.

By now, many of you have heard of the British architect, David Adjaye, AIA, who recently present to the world his masterpiece in Washington, DC: The National Museum of Adfrican American History & Culture. In itself, this is a metaphor or a testament to the concept of “diversity”. How? Just look at it. 

December 2015 pic 2

How is this inanimate building a true metaphor of diversity? Just look at the copper plaques that form the exterior of this new museum and trace the history of African Americans here in America (as these plaques hang affixed to the trusses & “bookshelves” we built right here at Metfab Metals, LLC). We were proud to be a part of this effort. 

11 2016 news 3
[The exterior of NMAAHC from the inside, showing trusses & “bookshelves” we built]

Look at our product line ---another example of diversity. “We make it all.” Once you do, send us an RFQ; you’ll be happy with what we can do for you---and do it fast, on time & on budget, per your specs.

10 2016 news 2
[David Adjaye's new conception for a power station right here in Newark, NJ---McCarter Sub-Station]

Just as Mr. Adjaye was so creative with the iconic, historic The National Museum of Adfrican American History & Culture in Washington, DC, he is bringing the same creativity & skills to this far more mundane power sub-station in the heart of residential Newark.

Metfab Metals has decades of experience producing all the various metal parts/assemblies needed for YOUR retro jobs that can serve to make them go smoothly from its earliest stages------------and end successfully!  Call us; you’ll soon see we produce.

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