Retro-Fit? Retro-Clad?---- We Supply AESS, Anchors & Misc Metals for These Too!

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Many new projects are actually re-builds of sound older buildings that need to be brought up to current standards for one or more reasons. No metal fabricator has more expertise and more focused experience than Metfab Metals, LLC on such jobs.

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[Left: “51 Louisiana”: Another Metfab Metals retro job ("roof ladder" covering) we did in 1997, Washington, DC]
[Right: Another load of "Retro" anchors shipped]

A “retro-fit” or “retro-clad” job can take many forms, all defined by the specs issued for the project. It can be a full-blown tear-out where the building is stripped down to its super-structure and every system, covering, cladding and finish is replaced, often to adapt it to a new use or purpose. Regularly today, the purpose can be expressed in one word: GREEN, that is, the owners want to make the building more energy efficient, with power & maintenance savings offsetting much of the retro-fit costs. We are currently doing a major such job at Alexander Court in Alexandria, Virginia. This is a common project today, especially to gain better energy efficiency, more internal (expanded) space, adapt to a new use, re-purpose the entire building---or all of the above.

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[Left: The Partially done current job in Alexandria, VA;  Right: Our "Trip Crrt" to set new windows]

As we here at Metfab Metals well know our industry (& yours) and always focus on how we can better handle your job’s needs, this means we can---and do---supply ALL the metal products you need for such a ”retro” project. Currently, we are supplying various aspects of the fabricated metals for the Alexander Court (above) re-styling of the thereby-preserved & modernized building in Alexandria, VA. Also pictured above is a “trip cart” we made to assist in the placement of new windows, often spec’d for retro-fits.

As this process of planning and spec’ing each unique retro job regularly starts BEFORE we are offered a PO for the final fabricated metal needed at the jobsite (1), we ask all our customers (new as well as established) to involve us more in this planning stage. This is a NO-cost offer in which we take a look at what metals are needed and give the Owner & Design Team a chance to take advantage of our hands-on, current experience as to what works best in our aspect of the plans (then-yet to be finalized).

Metfab Metals has decades of experience producing all the various metal parts/assemblies needed for YOUR retro jobs that can serve to make them go smoothly from its earliest stages------------and end successfully!  Call us; you’ll soon see we produce.

Call me for ALL your METALS questions. If I can't answer it, I have all the needed "sources" to do so!

Jim Murray, C.O.O.                                          973-675-7676   

1. Building Design & Construction (online magazine) at (September 16, 2009) by Mark Baker, Pres., IBA Consultants