At Metfab Metals Excellence Is Not a Sometime Thing!

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Most of you know the name, Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple and quite apparently a genius at marketing, as well as design and technology. The late Mr. Jobs has been rightly called “a long game player”. He once said of his goal to always supply great products that:

“We don’t get a chance to do that many things, so every one (of them)
should be really excellent”. (1)

A similar credo could easily be assigned to our founder and CEO, Jim Murray, who every day insists on excellence from his staff---and himself. With what result, you ask? As a result, Metfab Metals, LLC helps you to avoid mistakes, delays, erroneous PO’s, mis-made parts, missed deliveries and all the glitches that can plague your jobs. Like Mr. Jobs, Jim and all of us here at Metfab Metals are not satisfied with making “me too” products (2), delivered almost as ordered. “Let some other companies do that.” (3) We always rather deliver only those made exactly as ordered!

Our approach is not just to read the job specs and crank out fabricated metals, but rather to make excellent products every time.

“Excellence” is not just an essential in producing futuristic electronics as Apple has done, time & again. It is the mark of a great contractor, manufacturer or supplier too. We treat “excellence” as an essential part of every job we do. Part and parcel of getting an excellent result is communication with our customers before, during and after the fabrications are being done. That includes delivering exactly what the P.O. stipulates and when, how and in what quantities the customer specifies, even going so far as complying with changing conditions at the jobsite. Just keep us posted----and we’ll comply as fully as possible.

We here at Metfab Metals, LLC again learned this, day after day, in the smooth and timely completion of our recent contract for the exterior trusses of the NMAAHC Museum. (4) The specifications, schedule and logistics of delivery were all demanding in the highest degree, but we complied and were rewarded for it. Look at what our customer wrote to Jim, after the job was successfully turned over to the owner, on time, as designed:

Thank you for all your help and support on the NMAAHC (National Museum of African American History and Culture) project! They are never easy, but we find ways to succeed together. Congratulations on being a part of history with us.”…2/13/16

March 2015 pic web[First of our exterior fabricated 73' Trusses, after installation]

August 2015 pic [NMAAHC after full installation of our exterior trusses]

December 2015 pic 2[This unique Museum as it stands today]

The above few photos illustrate well our work from fabrication to erection to completion, all done with our standard brand of “excellence”. We didn’t have a single rejected truss, assembly or part in producing and delivering this exterior framework for a truly signature building---a monument to many things, including Metfab Metals’ proven ability to produce and deliver challenging and excellent fabrications.

Don’t forget: We always ask our customers to involve us more in the planning stage so we can take an early look at what metals are needed, as well as “when, how, in what timed deliveries & why” they’re needed that way, so we can give the Owner & Design Team a chance to take advantage of our hands-on, current experience as to what works best in our aspect of their plans.

Metfab Metals has decades of experience producing all the various metal parts/assemblies, while mixing in the SERVICES, all equally needed for YOUR retro jobs. In this way, we can serve to make your jobs go smoothly from their earliest stages-----------------and end successfully!

Metfab Metals  has decades of experience producing metal parts/assemblies, while mixing in our first-class SERVICES, all equally needed for YOUR jobs. In this way, we can make your jobs go smoothly from their earliest stages-----------and end successfully!

Call us; you’ll soon see we produce.

Call me for ALL your METALS questions. If I can't answer it, I have all the needed "sources" to do so!

Jim Murray, C.O.O.                                          973-675-7676   

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1. How to Think Like Steve Jobs, Daniel Smith, Michael O’Mara Books Ltd. (2013), pgs 193-194.

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4. National Museum of African American History & Culture, the new Smithsonian museum in Washington, DC which opened last year.