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Certified Welders are ALL We Have!

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Below are just two of our veteran, AWS-certified welders crafting two of the complex frames we regularly create
for long-term, and new, customers alike. Let them work for you too.

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Over a hundred years ago, the famous American storyteller Mark twain warned: “Always do right. This will
gratify some people and astonish the rest.

 As we get very direct “orders” from our customers, we are legally contract-bound to “do right”. And we neither expect them to be grateful nor surprised; we are obligated to do the right thing in making the products you’ve specified, ordered and rightly expect. But, beyond that, we “always do right” with your orders as a matter of our own pride in all we make; we want our products to always be as ordered and more---better than ordered. That is our Owner’s “Jim’s way, the Metfab Metals way!

Now------Look at our newest capability. This is now “HOW we do things” in yet another aspect of our services to you.

 "I need your Welding Certs ASAP!”   We have grown accustomed to hearing this righteous plea whether by phone or email. Often there is a note of real urgency in it. Why?

All of you experienced Project Managers are laughing right now at the silliness of writing about such a basic issue. But there is “method in our madness”! We want you ALL to know how true two things are: (1) all our welders and protocols are “certified” and (2) perhaps even more importantly, we keep a current log of these certifications stored on our proprietary computer program (KenWerks) so that we can immediately, electronically send you the needed documents.

This speed of fulfillment is just another way Metfab Metalswants to be a good “service provider” for you, besides being simply a top skilled fabricator. This is just another one of our package of services that can save you time and money (often delayed for lack of a document requires in your customer’s jobs specs).

We too have an interest here also. We KNOW we are a first-class “fab shop” now capable of small, medium, large---and now even super-sized---projects. But we need you to know this too, so we always get a chance to show you what we can do.

Don’t forget: We always ask our customers to involve us more in the planning stage so we can take an early look at what metals are needed, as well as “when, how, in what timed deliveries & why” they’re needed that way, so we can give the Owner & Design Team a chance to take advantage of our hands-on, current experience as to what works best in our aspect of their plans.

Metfab Metals  has decades of experience producing metal parts/assemblies, while mixing in our first-class SERVICES, all equally needed for YOUR jobs. In this way, we can make your jobs go smoothly from their earliest stages-----------and end successfully!

Call us; you’ll soon see we produce.

Call me for ALL your METALS questions. If I can't answer it, I have all the needed "sources" to do so!

Jim Murray, C.O.O.                                          973-675-7676   

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