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Two More VMU’s Going Up—Just One of Our Special Services Here On Site!

We are……..Metfab!!!!!!!!!!

Company or Trade Newsletters have, I believe, several purposes; perhaps listed as (1) keep customers current on our services; (2) keep customers aware of new things in our industry and/or; (3) just report what’s “new” here.

For example, look at these recent photos shot in our yard:

May 2018 pic 1 web May 2018 pic 2 web

Early stage of both VMU's as framed


Later stage with smaller VMU: clad in glass,aluminum and AESS steel, not yet caulked.

These are being done in fulfillment of a Purchase Order from a long-term customer for two (2) Visual Mock-Ups (VMU’s) to be fully erected here at our headquarters yard here in Orange, NJ. In past editions of this Metfab Metals  Newsletter, we have reported in more detail about such VMU’s for earlier jobs. (See, for example, on our website, our Newsletter for January, 2018.) Take a look at this---and other Newsletters on our totally new  WWW.METFABMETALS.COM website. [Many other issues of interest to you are more fully explained and illustrated there too.]

As these VMU’s are, most simply put, scale-models or prototypes of sections of a building to be erected soon in New York City, they will be readily convenient for the Owner and Design Team who want to examine in person a “hard copy” of the building façade designed and intended. But the benefits of such advanced “modeling” are not limited to the Owner and Design Team.

This is also a benefit to us as the future fabricator of the required AESS steel parts and assemblies, as we can identify potential flaws or “speed bumps” to fabricating the constituent elements for the actual later construction parts/assemblies. Further, the other subs (such as miscellaneous suppliers, the custom painter/finisher and even the specialty trucker) are free to examine the “real life” issues that they may face to fulfill their specs too. In this way, our customer---and all of us here at Metfab Metals ---get to know, and see vividly, what we have to do to timely produce the parts ordered, package them, ship them ….and so forth.

As we have done VMU’s many times now for big projects, we also get to demonstrate our expertise in this often-needed pre-construction step. In effect, it also means that the actual building façade as drawn and planned can be examined in steel, glass, sheetrock, paint, stone, etc., not just on a computer screen.

This should also give our customers, new or established, another insight into what we can do. Metfab Metals has been making small and large VMU’s for more than two (2) decades now.

For even beyond VMU’s, Metfab Metals has decades of experience making custom metal parts and making YOUR jobs go smoothly and end successfully! Call us; you’ll soon see what we have on our website is what happens here every day.

We are……..Metfab!!!!!!!!!!

Hudson Yards, NYC, NY-----Another customer is a prime contractor for the “Culture Shed” now under construction. We have a PO for large steel “pans” to hold the custom-designed stone flooring planned. Watch as we illustrate this new approach to ground surfaces in a future Newsletter about this building that will house many of NYC’s cultural events for decades, maybe centuries, to come.

Call me with ALL your METALS questions. If I can’t answer it, I have all the needed “sources” to do so!

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 We always offer to work with our customers from the job concept stage to anticipate issues before fabrication, to suggest better ways to order, extrude, cut, drill, paint, finish, even stage and deliver and always to save time and money.