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Another In-House Machines Update

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In past Newsletters, we have told our customers when we added a significant time-saving, often cost-saving, pieces of equipment. Of course, we don’t advertise every time we add another replacement piece of equipment. But we do want you to know when we make a quantum step by putting new or additional machines online that materially affect our capacities---and thus our ability to serve you better and quicker. In recent months we have done just that.

[Look, for example, at our new Milling Machine video, above]

At first blush these may not seem so dramatic as change since what we added were a milling machine, a “screw” machine and an additional punch press. But what’s the net result----greater capacity, efficiency and speed. That leads, for you, to cost savings on your jobs.

How so? Well, the last is the simplest to explain. Now we have effectively empowered our shop staff to crank out simultaneously more parts, more quickly when your specs require punching. The milling machine allows us to more readily create new dies we use to make repetitive parts, all exactly the same as one another. We also use it to finish edges of a custom part to a fine degree and without otherwise labor-intensive processing. This is very much a process for our AESS work. The screw machine allows us to more efficiently create threaded rods and the like. The bottom line is that we can now make your custom parts even more swiftly.

Metfab Metals has decades of experience making all the fabricated metals, parts & assemblies so that we can help make YOUR jobs go smoothly from its earliest stages------------and end successfully!

Call us; you’ll soon see we produce.

We are ----- METFAB!!!!!!


Hudson Yards, NYC, NY-----We are in our 4th year of supplying a whole gamut of specialty parts for the variety of buildings at this megalith of a development built on a formerly-abandoned, in-city railroad car storage yard, up on the West Side of Manhattan.We have made a whole spectrum of AESS parts, assemblies and mullions. The current job involves very unique fabrications for the site’s Culture Shed. WE hope to continue for at least two more years of the building already planned.

PennFirst, Philadelphia, PA -----We are doing the highest level ofAESS work here as earlier did at other Philadelphia buildings such CIRA, the Comcast Center and Children’s Hospital (CHOP). Our new website will have future illustrations of this classic project.

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