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We Tell Our Staff: Sell the Problem We Solve, Not Just the Products We Make!

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Our owner Jim Murray has long been fond of saying that we are as much a “service” company as we are a custom metal fabricator. That’s a bit of an overstatement but one with a real kernel of truth in it. Yes, our primary identity is as a supplier of custom-fabricated metal parts, assemblies, mullions, AESS, etc…

But, as we look critically at the jobs we do, and HOW we do them, a big point can’t be missed. That point is that we are the “go to” supplier when a deadline can’t be missed, job specs for the steel vary in the field or just when another fabricator simply isn’t “getting it done”, or simply can’t get it all to you on time, as you need parts.

A primary focus of Metfab Metals., LLC has always been the servicing of our customers and their needs. We service our customers’ “rush” needs faster and better than any other fabricator. We have added more trucks to our fleet; we have on-call personnel to handle same-day orders on a “24/7” basis. The combination of equipment upgrades and limitless outsourcing of allied product requirements has increased our capacity to help our customers exponentially. In-house trucking is available 24/7 too, along with “48 hours from order to shipping/delivery” when your project calls for this.

We solve problems for our customers; we don’t just peddle steel parts for quoted prices. [Of course, our intent is NOT to demean the products and specialty fabrications we supply, but where we often add real value for our customers is with the service that comes along with every part we sell. Part of that overall service is in the area of anticipating problems and quickly solving them when they arise.]

Again, a good way to illustrate our “problem-solving” capacities is a concrete recent example. The incident started when an established customer early-on ordered several container loads of high-end window mullions from Italy (of course, unbeknownst to us) for a New York City job. When they arrived and were delivered for installation, it was discovered that they were machined wrong, such that they couldn’t be installed “as is”. (Of course, this was still unbeknownst to us.) A panicked phone call ensued to our owner, Jim Murray, here at our shop in Orange, NJ which instantly brought us “into the loop” and enlisted our “problem solving”------and ASAP, of course.

We picked up with our trucks all the non-conforming mullions and immediately inspected what needed to be done. They ALL had to be re-machined 100%. We, in turn, enlisted a high-capacity sub-contractor with the ability and instant availability to promptly bring all of them into full compliance with the specs. This required real administrative commitments: the vigilance to serially execute all the logistics; timely picking up & dropping off of these mullions; the transmission of the demanding specs, amendments and other essential documentation; the milling itself-------and much more.

Then the project manager asked us if we could also install at our premises (after the re-milling but before we re-delivered the mullions to the jobsite) the aluminum and other sub-parts to complete the mullion assembly. We did that too. In short, we got the wrongly-made mullions picked up, every piece re-machined & corrected, aluminum picked up & installed along with miscellaneous parts, and all the fully-finished mullions at the jobsite for our customer in a matter of days. Thus, we saved a real part of the construction schedule of the entire building. And, earned (and, frankly, heard) the outspoken gratitude of another customer with a very anxious project manager. [We must add that this brief recital can’t even begin to chronicle or even intimate the true scope of all the calls, emails, logistical headaches, and convoluted administrative u-turns we had to implement to get this all done!!!]

Metfab Metals has decades of experience making precision (maybe better stated as “perfect”) fabricated metals, parts & assemblies so that YOUR jobs go perfectly smoothly from its earliest stages--------and end as scheduled, on time and successfully! Service is a key part of all of this Our well-known "Metfab Metals Service" is just part of the package we offer to all. Call us (even at the “Concept Stage” before your job is ready to issue a Purchase Order); you’ll soon see we produce. This may well be the best stage at which we can demonstrate our brand of "Metfab Metals Service"! 

We are ----- METFAB!!!!!!


New Trends-----PORTALS----We are now producing one portal after another, for jobs from New York City to Virginia and more widely. These are being designed into commercial, as well as public, developments. Watch these Newsletters for future updates on these exciting issues. These modern portals are further examples of what our spectrum of metal skills can produce here at Metfab Metals.

Hudson Yards, NYC, NY-----This huge campus of buildings on the West Side of Manhattan just keeps advancing inexorably to completion, seemingly requiring constant AESS parts, assemblies and mullions. We daily fulfill Purchase Orders for all manner of unique “signature” parts for these glass high-rises and ---The Shed. This is another barometer of what is going on in our industry in New York City, as well as other places.

25 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY-----This “outer boro” of New York City is booming with new development as Manhattan runs out of living space (even at incredible rental rates). This new Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn high-rise is a striking design with lots of specialty steel as a critical part of its esthetics on display. We are proud that our customer, Custom Metal Crafters, asked us to make the parts, mullions & portals we do best. Our external, steel mullions of this post-modern design is transforming a former industrial area into high-end living spaces with all the current amenities. Watch our Newsletters for further updates/illustrations.

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We always offer to work with our customers from the job concept
stage to anticipate issues before fabrication, to suggest better ways 
to order, extrude, cut, drill, paint, finish, even stage and deliver and 
always to save time and money.