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July 2019 News 1[One of our AESS Category #4 Solid Steel Mullions in Process]

The above picture is a current example of the type of SPECIALTY work we do. It’s only possible due to our TEAM and the “team” approach we take to your metals needs.
Of course, our fabrication work covers a whole spectrum of decorative metal facades, entrances, mullions, varied super-structure anchors and storefronts (the latter is today a standard feature of eclectic retro-fit/retro-clad jobs in older areas of our cities) and miscellaneous parts/assemblies for long-term customers such as Enclos Harmon, W & W Metals, Benson Global, Coordinated Metals, as well as many of the other large curtainwall companies. As such, we must be (and are) “nimble” (not as an Olympic athlete is, but rather as our systems empower us) to meet the evolving needs of our customers, promptly and accurately. In recent months, we amply reported this as to New York City & the huge Hudson Yards development, in our Newsletters from March to June, 2019. [These are archived on our updated website and can be read there.]

We here at Metfab Metals have fully-implemented, consistent policies that allow us to work smoothly with our established customer base, as well as new customers. We start by integrating our computerized operations with the customer to the degree their specs require and their systems allow. We work with all customers to make this synergy immediate, fool-proof and expeditious. This seamless exchange of information and work-flow with all customers and sub-contractors is a constant goal always at Metfab Metals!!!

Indeed the starting point in all 21st Century companies is their existing systems. We most often start with our proprietary Quotation Program (“Hollywerks”) that empowers us to swiftly issue an all-inclusive quote and then to modify it, as your specs and drawings evolve and require changes on our end.

The issuance of a prompt, accurate quote should tell you a lot about us. It also sets the model for how we will deal with you, respond to you and satisfy all the Owner’s needs. What we here at Metfab Metals can do---and have done---on cutting edge jobs, featuring all manner of challenging fabrications is also not at all surprising to our owner, Jim Murray, as he has so often remarked how our regular purchase orders reflect current trends in New York City and everywhere else. The repeated plans and RFQ’s we have seen in recent months and years re-focused us more on their innovative engineering, challenging creations, the incorporation of pre-fab systems (to meet compressed job schedules), unique custom designs, larger glass and steel panels, and surface finishes in striking colors.

Moving on, we must tell you that we have worked on monolithic, even megalithic, innovative jobs such the new World Trade Center; the National Museum of African American History & Culture (“NMAAHC”); and even right now, an eclectic, varied plethora of buildings at Hudson Yards, here in New York City. Indeed, it’s not even mildly surprising to receive creative, never-before seen designs, maybe at times even on a daily basis.

Major front façade mullions for the towering One Vanderbilt are currently being finished. We fabricated  20-30-40’ members and prepared them for final finishing at our chosen local paint contractor. The attached video traces all the aspects of such a finished truss just before paint finishing. This is a video of a finished truss as it is being prepped for shipment.

So where does Metfab Metals fit in for you? At base, we are journeymen fabricators, making diverse parts all the time which are largely just job-unique sizes, finishes and designs of varied parts (as our Update below on One Vanderbilt amply proves). The crux for us, and for you all our customers, is that we always make them really well, to individual engineered specs, and with ever-evolving fine finishes---and always service you by delivering them on time, in “installation condition” and within budget.

Metfab Metals again has decades of experience and skills in all stages of fabricated metals (and all the needed technology to support all your project’s needs---speed, accuracy, transparency, accountability, flexibility) so that we can help YOUR jobs go smoothly from their earliest stages------and end successfully! Call us; you’ll soon see we produce.

Updates: One Vanderbilt, NYC, NY ----  As we reported last month, we are now supplying AESS solid steel mullions for the lower finished elevations here. What was required were perfectly finished mullions. We are now finishing the remainder of 20 huge mullions. This is just the special kind of work we here at Metfab Metals have become expert in. Few fabricators can match our quality---and PERFORMANCE. We do this kind of sophisticated work on a daily—often expedited---basis. TRY US!!!! 

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We always offer to work with our customers from the job concept
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