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In its January, 2019 issue of Modern Steel Construction, the AISC provides a thorough review of the innovative finishing idea, when the spec calls for “the two coatings … increase overall longevity and provide a more sophisticated level of corrosion resistance known as the synergistic effect”. Basically, the direct coating applied to the raw steel is hot dip galvanizing (“HDG”) which is then itself coated by a high-quality paint or powder coating. This article not only explains this consolidated process clearly, it provides a thorough review of how contractors or owners should write out this finish specification. The dual process not only provides obviously increased corrosion resistance, it allows for better aesthetic options.

And then the article explains in detail the “synergistic effect” and advantages of this innovative concept:

…..When implementing hot-dip galvanizing and paint or powder coating in a duplex system, the two coatings work together to increase overall longevity and provide a more sophisticated level of corrosion resistance known as the synergistic effect. This involves the exterior layer of paint or powder coating barrier protection to slow down the rate at which the underlying zinc is consumed. Then, once the exterior layer has been breached or weathered, the hot-dip galvanized coating beneath is still available to provide cathodic and additional barrier protection. Additionally, the hot-dip galvanized coating prevents under film corrosion of the paint or powder coating system, which increases the longevity of the top coat and extends paint maintenance cycles at least 50% in comparison to the same paint system applied over bare steel.

As a result, the overall product is afforded maintenance-free corrosion protection for 1.5 to 2.3 times the sum of the paint life and the hot-dip galvanizing life. In other words, if you apply a hot-dip galvanized coating expected to last 50 years and a paint system expected to last 10 years, the duplex system would provide 90 to 138 years of maintenance-free corrosion protection. Or, if routine maintenance is performed on the paint or powder coating system, the overall coating system will last indefinitely………………………. 1

We here at Metfab Metals are again proud to tell you that we can also provide fulfillment of such a synergistic option, per such a spec. We are part of various teams of specialists that fulfill unique or innovative specs such as this every day. Metfab Metals has done a whole array of unique fabrications and such finishes, and challenging deliveries for everything from “mega-projects” to miscellaneous steel items and shipped them to contractors at huge jobsites as well as small rehab jobs, and everything in between. We have repeatedly been a critical part of “teams”, like yours, helping to make possible fine details of new and renovated buildings alike.

Of course, we also work in decorative metal facades, entrances, mullions, varied super-structure anchors and storefronts (standard features of retro-fit/retro-clad jobs in older areas of our cities) and other miscellaneous parts/assemblies for many of the largest curtainwall companies.

Metfab Metals can do---and has done---many cutting-edge jobs featuring challenging fabrications. This was not surprising to us or to our owner, Jim Murray, as he has often remarked how our daily purchase orders very immediately reflect current trends in New York City and otherwise. To put it succinctly, the repeated plans and RFQ’s we have seen in recent months and even years focused on more innovative engineering, challenging creations, the incorporation of pre-fab systems (to meet compressed job schedules), unique custom designs, larger glass and steel panels, and surface finishes in striking and aesthetically-impressive colors. That the construction industry is going in these directions concurrently requires the skills of a creative fabricator like Metfab Metals. We early on planned for these developments and anticipated what we needed to meet these types of demands. We are already equipped and staffed to meet them. We are already totally current, computerized, communication-enabled, shop-ready and fully prepared to nimbly meet the 21st century industry demands we foresaw. This planning dovetails with your needs and your job specs no matter how innovative your customer’s building initially appears. Together we can electronically receive your drawings and RFQ; return a full quotation sooner than any competitor; act promptly on your PO; create fab/shop drawings; meet your fabrication challenges; promptly make your parts and assemblies quickly; fulfill all your QC, LEED and documentation requirements; and otherwise provide anything your specs call for.

Metfab Metals can again rightly say that we have decades of experience and skills in
all manner of fabricated metals (and all the needed technology to support these) so that we can help YOUR jobs
go smoothly from its earliest stages------------and end successfully!
Call us; you’ll soon see we produce.

1. January, 2019 issue of Modern Steel Construction,at p.17


“Digital Sub`Contractors”----In early November, we set up within our IT system the access codes and the computer interface for our first fully-integrated subcontractor. What this means is that we have given one of our retained specialists (here, a custom finisher) direct, electronic access to our records (as to only its phases of our records, of course) and vice-versa, so that we have 24/7 updating of its work for us and we can “provide” 24/7 status reports to them as to dates of delivery, parts counts, any late change of specs, etc.

99 Hudson, Jersey City, NJ: ------As we publish this, we are at approximately the halfway point in fulfillment of our contract with our customer, GAMMA USA, Inc., for fabricated steel for the multi-story garage. Earlier we made metal fabrications, including common anchors, as well as classic AESS solid steel mullions, for the main building. Our current contract is for support steel for the designed stainless-steel protective mesh on the parking garage. The project as a whole is one that basically called upon the whole spectrum of our skills and products.

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