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Last year in our February Newsletter (2019), we reviewed a noteworthy article from the November 2018 issue of Glass Magazine about the largest metal companies in America. We, of course, pointed out that we have worked with many of these large suppliers on some of the most significant jobs in America in recent years throughout the United States. We have teamed up to supply essential fabricated steel parts and assemblies to jobs from Boston to Miami and from New York to San Francisco.

Feb 2020 News
We are now again seeing a repeat of increased unique decorative metal facades, entrances and storefronts, especially for the retro-fit and retro-clad jobs in older areas of our cities. Now we’d like to say a bit more about this category of work we can do for the rescue of sound existing structures with you.

In June, 2017, we reported in our monthly Newsletter (take a look back on our website under “About Metfab”) the status of such RETRO works then, especially as it related to two major jobs we were completing. These were respectively in New York and Virginia and were completed without any substantial glitch for two individual customers that we still work for regularly.

Most retro-fit jobs are the product of an independent decision by a building’s owner that the savings recognized by improvements to energy efficiency or aesthetic appearance outweigh the cost of leaving the status quo of inefficient windows or HVAC systems, and non-insulated exteriors and the like. But, perhaps as a sign of future potential legislation, New York City is in 2020 seeking to penalize the failure to take on this expense as a real stir to such improvements. [This may redound to additional work for you too.]

         NEW YORK Mayor Bill de Blasio today announced new mandates that will force building owners to make sharp reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. The new rules will compel owners to meet fossil fuel caps – requiring deeper upgrades to boilers, water heaters, roofs and windows on an accelerated 2030 timeframe – with sharp penalties for failure to comply.

         To compel building owners to meet these aggressive targets, the legislation will set annual penalties that increase with building size and the amount the buildings exceed the fossil fuel use targets. For example, a 30,000 square foot residential building operating substantially above its energy target would pay $60,000 for every year over the standard, starting in 2030. A one million square foot building operating well over its energy target would pay as much as $2,000,000 for every year over target. Failure to comply will also affect a building’s ability to receive future permits for major renovations. [Press release, September 14, 2017.] (emphasis added)

Just the threat of such future penalties may get some of your established customers to consider doing RETRO work now. This might be a marketing strategy to consider?

We think it’s worth repeating what we wrote now almost three years ago in June, 2017 (you can find this June 2017 Newsletter in our archives on our Newsletters on this website.

“Many new projects are actually re-builds of sound older buildings that need to be brought up to current standards for one or more of myriad reasons. No metal fabricator has more expertise and more focused experience than Metfab Metals, LLC on such jobs.

 Feb 2020 News 2
[“51 Louisiana”: Another Metfab Metals retro job ("roof ladder" covering) we did in the 90’s in Washington, DC]

A “retro-fit” or “retro-clad” job can take many forms, all defined by the specs issued for the project. It can be a full-blown tear-out where the building is stripped down to its super-structure and every system, covering, cladding and finish is replaced, often to adapt it to a new use or purpose. Regularly today, the purpose can be expressed in one word: GREEN, that is, the owners want to make the building far more energy efficient with power & maintenance savings offsetting much of the retro-fit costs. We are currently doing a major such job at Alexander Court in Virginia. This is a common project today, especially to gain better energy efficiency, gain more internal (expanded) space, adapt to a new use, re-purpose the entire building---and more.
[more focused experience than Metfab Metals, LLC on such jobs.

 Feb 2020 News 3
[The then partially done retro job in Alexandria, VA]

We don’t expect that most communities will take the mandatory approach of NYC, but we are seeing that many building owners---your customers and ours---will make the sound judgment that money invested in upgrading an existing building, both aesthetically & operationally, is a sound investment for the community, their tenants & themselves.

We just want you to know that Metfab Metals is ready and has the technology tools to help in this process. Not only can we turn around a quote in hours, but we can assist in needed shop drawings and then adjust them to field measurements. Call us, you’ll see.

Metfab Metals can again rightly say that we have decades of experience and skills in all manner of
fabricated metals (and all the needed technology to support these)so that we can help YOUR jobs go
smoothly from its earliest stages------------and end successfully!
Call us; you’ll soon see we produce.


The above illustrations show just two of many RETRO projects we did between 1995 and 2019 which amply demonstrate our skills as part of our RETRO teams assembled for these major jobs. These are venues you may want to visit when you can to see the quality work we have contributed to so meaningfully.

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