Job: NMAAHC (National Museum of African American History and Culture)
Location: Washington, DC (2013-2015)
Description:  Metfab Metals fabricated the constituent elements of a 230-ton facade structure made up of vertical and horizontal AESS trusses, as well as panels designed to hold the "aluminum-cast" (bronze in color) illustrating scenes/events from African-American history.

Job:  VIA 57th West
Location: New York, NY (2015)
Description:  Metfab Metals fabricated large channel truss panels that were both curved and twisted to match the pyramidal design envisioned by the architects.

Job:  World Trade Center Tower 4
Location: New York, NY (2012)
Description:  Metfab Metalss fabricated (28) vertical 3 x 12 Bars 50'-0" long AESS CAT 1 mullions. These bars were saw-cut from large ship plates and milled down to create the massive 3 x 12 Bar. On top of the major mullions there were also 400+ vertical and horizontal members of the same AESS quality.

Job:  Hudson Yards Tower C
Location: New York, NY (2016) (more due in 2017-2018)
Description: Metfab Metals fabricated major mullions of a AESS CAT 1 specification on this project similar to WTC4 specified mullions. The bars were also painted with a 3 part Tnemec system and then shipped to jobsite in special bunking for protection (designed & exceuted by Metfab Metals).

Job:  Museum of the Bible (“MOTB”)
Location: Washington, DC (2016)
Description: Metfab Metals fabricated and primed/painted AESS horizontal plates for skylight design. Also bent and fabricated 24'+ Stainless Steel Bent Plates 3/8" thick as part of the this job’s specifications.

Job:  220 Central Park South
Location: New York, NY (2016)
Description: Metfab Metals fabricated and galvanized small channel trusses for 24 floors of this high-rise building facing Central Park.
Job:  911 Memorial Fountain
Location: New York, NY (2008)
Description: Metfab Metals fabricated Type 316 stainless steel anchors to hold and attach the stone inside the water fountains at this iconic memorial & tourist attraction.

Job:  BWI Airport (now Thurgood Marshall BWI Airport)
Location: Baltimore - Washington, MD (1997)
Description: Metfab Metals fabricated and welded over 29,000 individual steel struts for signature ceiling space frame (AESS). All finished in a 3-Part Tnemec System (paint)